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Cutting and Serving Boards

The Charcuterie Board

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Serve up some snacks on this handsome board and relax--you’ve just created an impressive feast without even turning on the oven. Whether you’re preparing a simple lunch for two or a full party platter for a crowd, the Would Works Charcuterie board is the perfect serving surface.  

Made from solid white oak--the strongest of domestic hardwoods--it is naturally equipped to resist even the most eagerly wielded cheese knives.  The organic cathedral grain patterns and rich amber tones of hand-oiled oak add a warm decorative accent to your kitchen-- whether it’s hanging on your wall or lying on your table adorned with festive delectables.

Product Details:

  •  6" x 18" x .75"
  • Solid White Oak
  • Easy to maintain Mineral Oil Finish*

Your purchase gives a person experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in Los Angeles's Skid Row the opportunity to work.

*Your Would Works cutting board is hand finished with food-safe mineral oil.  We recommend reapplying oil every month or whenever the board appears dull or dry. Clean after use with a mild detergent or just water and wipe dry immediately. Do not leave wet, soak, or put it through the dishwasher.


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