LA City Blocks

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A one-of-a kind piece of interactive art for grownups and kids alike. Place a tray of these handsome city blocks on your coffee table or office desk and your colleagues and friends will enjoy them as much as their kids would.   

This limited edition block set comes from a salvaged sycamore tree from the Hollywood Dell neighborhood of LA.  Though harvested from a single city tree--each block exhibits unique grain, tones and rare spalting--echoing the diversity of the people who make Los Angeles buzz.

Each block is hand sanded by a Would Works artisan, and hand finished using non-toxic all-natural mineral oil and wax blend.  Block sets come in a solid Beech wood tray with the Would Works logo hand-burned in the corner.

Set in tray dimensions: 11"x7.5"x2"
For safety, no block is smaller than 1.25" in any dimension

Custom initials are available on center top trim of the tray.

Custom Initials

Up to three characters: A-Z, 0-9, and standard keyboard symbols