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Mini Card + Photo Blocks


At Would Works, one of our guiding principles is to always maximize the use of all and any lumber that passes through our woodshop. We like it not only because it minimizes waste (and expresses our deep respect for trees), but also because we like to see how far we can push ourselves to imagine new products from every morsel of wood there is.

Our Card + Photo Holders were born from the desire to use the excess scraps from the production of our cutting board collection. We sought to answer the question of how the perception of trash can be shifted into something of value... and a functional object!

Each order comes with two blocks of the same shape. But which wood species you receive will have to be a surprise! 

Dimensions: Cube Blocks 6"x1"x", Rectangle Blocks

Wood Species: Assorted 

Your purchase gives a person experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles the opportunity to work.

Card + Photo Holders are hand finished with Walrus Oil's plant-based, food grade Furniture Wax Polish. Do not leave in standing water.