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by Lee Buchanan February 12, 2020

artisan, would works, downtown womens center, woodworking

“I had a rough life growing up,” Elizabeth explains. She battled addiction for 20 years, did 4 prison terms and was arrested 63 times.

But, she's grateful to the people who believed in her and gave her a second (and third) chance. She entered a drug and alcohol treatment program, was sober for a year, and then started working as a drug and alcohol counselor for LGBT youth, where she reminded them that living on the streets is a choice.

After 7 years as a recovery counselor, Elizabeth stopped working because of health problems, but before she left her job, her supervisor told her that she was a good worker and had inspired many people. As she says, “I put my family through the mud…but when the lord takes me I want Him to take me clean and sober.”

Elizabeth’s family is proud that she's been clean for 10 years, and they love the fact that they always know where to find her: in her apartment at the Downtown Women’s Center. “I never forget where I came from,” she says, and mentions that she still goes to AA meetings to stay connected to the sober community.

At Would Works, Elizabeth has been sanding cutting boards and candle holders, and loves the respect that her teachers give to their students.

“Would Works has been a blessing...I get to pay rent and be a productive member of society…If they let me, I would love to come back to Would Works and do it again!"

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your work and your commitment to staying sober. We wish you the best on your journey.

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